Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eugene Adventure

So, it's been a while since my latest college adventure, but I this is the story, for all the Universe to see. I finally eased my mind of the worry about never having been to the U of O, even though that's where I'll be starting this fall. So, my family and I took a roadtrip up to Eugene.
It was a blast. Not only was it a great time to bond with family, it put my mind so at ease. I feel like my worry has almost totally melted away. I've been all over campus, met people that I'll be interacting with next year, and had a tour by a family friend who used to be a student there. The one thing that really let me know that I'll be at home though, was that when it was time to head off to see some family, I didn't want to leave. The campus already felt like home.
Of course, being on campus I finallly understood what people mean when they say, that's Eugene for you! Some illustrations:

If you look colosely, you can see that yes, there is in fact a garden gnome riding atop that suburban

The gargoyle for what I believe is the physics building... and then my very favorite of all...

No dog, no bikes, no skateboards and NO beavers!!!
Go U of O!!!