Tuesday, September 3, 2013

State Fair Beauties

Through beautiful serendipity, a friend of mine had extra tickets to the State Fair that he passed on to me. So, Roommate M and I drove up (stopping at fabric stores along the way!) for my first experience with the state fair. One of the highlights of the adventure was getting to see all the amazing quilts on display! M and I were practically drooling over the intricacies of the piecing and quilting, they were so beautiful! Here are some of my favorites:

My brother would love this pixelated Mario quilt!

The compexity and perfection of points on this ins simply incredible!

This was my overall favorite! We got the whole story from one of the volunteers: It was made by a group of six women, each took part of the Portland skyline and made a panel. What made it so unique is that all of their respective styles came out. Each panel was done slightly differently, some with more quilting, or embroidery, another that appeared to have been painted to create the reflection. I am incredibly impressed by each individual quilter as well as the group. 

The tiger in the quilting of the clouds represents the Portland Zoo, which is farther out of the city in that direction

And this was embroidered into one of the panels, I'm not sure which, but I found it both beautiful and fitting.

Favorite quilt block of the day though? This guy, for good humor value alone! 

Quilt Fever

I am quickly discovering that a love of quilting is incredibly contagious. It was my roommate, M's excitement that actually brought me back to working on my quilt, as she worked on hers, and then our collective enthusiasm rubbed off on another roommate, from the Fish House! It is wonderful to have quilting and crafty buddies, although one look at our living room is enough to make me giggle.
Fabric, sewing boxes, piecing, ironing, and then two sewing machines around the corner! It is crazy in a most beautiful way!