Sunday, October 3, 2010


So, last Sunday the Dyment Dymentors joined the huge parade of FIGs and Halls and processed into Autzen for Convocation, where speeches were made, and faculty recognized. The highlight of the afternoon, excluding the picnic afterward, of course, was the speech given by University President Lariviere. He gave a list of eleven things to do, as freshman, at the U of O. I thoroughly enjoyed his speech, and found his suggestions worth sharing, so here it goes:
1. "Learn the wide-ranging geography of our University", look around, explore and learn
2. "Find a piece of art that means something to you", whether it makes you laugh, or makes you think, open your eyes to the professional and student art that is all around you
3. "Thank a groundskeeper" I believe he said 11 people take care of our whole campus, and they do an amazing job.
4. "Take a class that has absolutely nothing to do with your major" explore, take this time while you can to learn
5. "Talk to your professor during office hours" Honestly, I have heard this advice from everyone, so I think I will most certainly do it.
6. "See if you can find all the libraries on campus, find your own secret study space" I still like that one nook in the music building, but I really need to find somewhere because my dorm bed or the lounge doesn't work so well.
7. "Run in the footsteps of legends" Literally take a run around campus and recognize how many history makers have run in that exact spot. I haven't yet, but just imagining it is an awe-inspiring idea
8. "Get your passport" because U of O students go abroad
9. "Do a good deed" it is a long-standing tradition of U of O students to give back to others. I'm still looking for my place, but there's a volunteer fair coming up this week.
10. " Go out of your way to meet people" There are so many of us here on campus, it can be hard to reach out, but necessary

"And just because everyone told me to have ten things, hell, here is number eleven"
11. "Thank the people who helped you get here" Thank someone who made this possible for you, a parent, teacher, counselor. Tell that person the difference they made in your life, and thank them.

I was inspired, I thought it was a great speech, and maybe there'll be more posts as I accomplish the items here at the good 'ol U of O.

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