Sunday, February 6, 2011

7 Quick Takes

End of Week 5, Term 2, Year 1

I cannot believe that DDA, my favorite retreat in the whole wide world is so close. For the first time ever I didn't have a countdown, and then I was discussing it in class on Friday and I realized that there is a mere two weeks until it starts. Super exciting!!!

2) Salt-ees and Cookies
My friend Cameron and I got named Salt-ees at the Newman Center. Salt is the Student Activities Leadership Team, and we are freshmen who are always around, so we were asked to help with snacks for the movie nights this week and next. We had planned on making popcorn to go with the pop we bought, but then the microwave decided to throw a temper tantrum. So, we ended up making chocolate chip cookies and hanging out in the kitchen while they baked, just talking with a couple of friends. It was a blast.

3) Sunshine!!
We have had some really interesting weather this week. It feels like it is May, most of the time, even though it's really only the beginning of February. It's been much warmer than it should be, and the sun has been out. I'm not sure what's up, and I absolutely love it, although I'm kind of missing the rain at this point too.

4) The Importance of Friends
This week brought a reminder to me about how much it can mean just to be there for a friend. It doesn't have to be anything special, necessarily, it can be as simple as just coming over and watching "How I Met Your Mother" together, but that sense that someone cares, that you have your tribe around you is powerful, especially when you're hurting.

5) I'm still me
I used to think that the reason I knew everyone and was involved in a million different things was because I'm from a small town and that was just the way it worked. However, as my friends are pointing out, and I'm realizing, that isn't the case. I am just me. I talk to people, I learn names, I become part of a community simply because that is who I am. That hasn't changed since I've come to Eugene, which has surprised and satisfied me.

6) New Tunes
So, my musical friend Maggie is rubbing off on me. Not only do I have a new favorite band, a French-Canadian group called Coeur De Pirate, I've also created an opera chanel on my pandora that I really enjoy studying to.

7) Puzzle Mania
I'm not sure what has taken over Newman, but somehow we have gotten into a puzzle craze. It was Midterm Munchies this week, and someone had put a puzzle out on the table in St. TMo's corner. We obsessed over it for several days until it was finally completed. Then, we started another, which got done even faster. It's interesting how when there is a puzzle started and out, I find it hard to just let it sit there, I've got to try and put it back together again.

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