Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today, I was walking out of a second-round interview for a summer job and I thought "I did really well, I wish I could be proud of myself".
And then I stopped and thought. So often lately, I am not proud of myself. I don't want to brag, and often, no one wants to listen, because I have stories that matter mainly just to me, and others have their worries too. So I move on. But today, this was my next thought:
"So choose to be proud of yourself. Even if it's for no one else but for you, be proud of you. You did a great job in there, and an awesome job this weekend as rector. Don't doubt, or worry, just celebrate."
So I am. I am proud of the fact that I had a job interview today, and I felt like I was incredible. I had great answers, great feedback, great anecdotes. I'm qualified for the job. For Pete's sake, I made it to the second round, past the application and the group interview. And I did a great job.
This weekend, I co-led a retreat. It was one of the more stressful things I have ever done. I had some idea going into it, but it really turned out to be a weekend of service, of repeating the words of Christ "this is my body, I give it up for you" This is my life, and I'm laying it down for all of you this weekend. It was a great experience, and the retreat ended up going really well. And for that, I am proud. It was mainly God, but I am proud of the role I played, faithfully and well.

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