Monday, April 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Another Beginning

Weeks 1 and 2 flew by so fast that I decided in the interest of my sanity to combine the two of them to one 'Quick Takes' which highlights the best and brightest spots of the past two weeks.


Tuesday of week one, after a day in which I spent a lot of energy working with my computer and the UO tech desk and the HP people I was walking back to my room tired and super frustrated when. And it was raining. And then, as I turned the corner around the LLC....I saw, standing by the basketball court, in her red coat, holding an mom!!! I was shocked, and ecstatic, and I could barely believe she was there. It was a total surprise and I needed it so bad. Admittedly, I started crying. We got to spend the evening together, and we went out to eat and got to just talk and hang out, something we haven't gotten to do as just the two of us in a long time. It was amazing.


(I like capitals, and these things are really exciting to me, don't judge)

Following the day that my momma visited I finally got to work a shift at The Dining Room (read more here) with the lovely Kala Haley, the amazing woman who got me involved there in the first place. We had been looking forward to it for over a month, and were both super psyched to be on bar together, serving up coffee, juice and milk while singing away. aaaa. love!


(bright spots really should be capitalized anyway)

I have a new Thursday tradition, coffee with the lovely Joanna, a friend of mine. It is particularly wonderful, as we meet at Cafe Roma, another place that I love and just sit and talk about life. Week 1 she explained the elections to me, as her passion is ASUO and then last week we just kinda chilled. She is super legit.


(you've got to understand, this was so ideal)

The first Saturday of term started out with brunch at Barhart (always a good start to a Saturday) with an upper-classman friend, then the very first Saturday Market which was awesome {squirrel alert: Saturday Market is just so Eugene. It features local artists, farmers, and musicians and people from all walks of life swarm downtown for the amazingness}, walking and talking with a friend, randomly surprising someone else, back to the dorm, then Mass just because I felt like it, then dinner and some homework with a random God-moment included. It was epic.


(she is too far away for any interaction not to be exciting)

After what felt like a lot longer than it actually was I happened to be on the book of faces at the same time as my best friend who is currently in Greece on her study abroad. It wasn't really anything super big, but it was exciting to get to chat with her when I miss her so much. For the world, she is having an amazing time, and thankfully taking lots of pictures.


(this reminded me of the best part of home)

I knew I was going to the city with some of my friends, but I didn't want to miss a First Friday Mass, because I have a streak going of four or five months now. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn my alarm clock on. So, I woke up at a quarter till seven, and decided to take the insane stance of "let's go anyway!". I high-tailed it down to St. Mary's on my bike, arriving during the psalm (not bad for bed->church in under 20 minutes). It was just wonderful, and then, biking back to campus felt like summer. It felt like those incredible summer days that live now in my memory, coming back home after morning Mass on my bike. It was truly exceptional.


(hello, it's Jesus, capital letters are a given)

Tuesdays 9:30-10:30, Newman. Date with God. 'Nuff said. Peace.

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