Monday, April 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Life Update Edition

1) Life is crazy. It's busy, and I cannot belive that the time has passed so fast, and so much has happened that I'm not at the beginning of Week 4 of my third term of my Freshman year of college. It's nuts.

2) Work is work. I'm working just enough hours, on a pretty great schedule, and I like it a lot. It's a neat gig at a frozen yogurt joint not too far off of campus. The place is fun, and the pay is worth it.

3) Classes are really pretty awesome this term. I love everything I'm taking, and I'm learning a lot across the board. Actually staying on top of reading is really making everything a lot more fun and engaging. Biggest lesson so far was in my Lit class, 'we don't have to believe what they [the narrators] are telling us'.

4) the weekend I cleaned, and it felt like I was getting my life back in order. Having a made bed, and a clean desk and a closet where things are where they should be makes life so much more bearable and leaves room for focus.

5) friends-I don't know where I would be without them. I now understand why people name their children after the friends they met in college. With family not immediately here, friends make up your family, and we hold each other together. I am SO BLESSED!!! (and yes, it really is worth the capitals)

6) I spend quite a bit of time at the Newman Center, the Catholic Student Center right off of campus. It is wonderful, and offers so much for all areas of my life. They feed me, pray with and for me, talk with me, and occasionally do super random stuff like host a talent-less talent show called coffee house where we might, per say, dress up like we're from different decades, go dinosaur hunting, help Mario & Luigi unplug Ash's toilet, and cook with Julia Child and her sister Gulia Julia. Newman is amazing.

7) Food: not much happening here. Dorm food is dorm food, however, when I'm working and don't have time to come back to the dorms I sometimes venture in the student food bubble right off campus. Today I had two amazing pieces of pizza from a local spot on Alder, and they were just incredible. Let me tell you, Sy's Matters. Ü

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