Tuesday, December 7, 2010

remember the birds

So, today I got a little reminder in Providence. I agreed to work a shift at The Dining Room from1-3, doing food prep work. Going, I was nervous, because I thought I was running late, and it was my first time, and I was thinking I shouldn't even have said I would do it because I had a final that I could be studying for. I was antsy.

However, right about 2:00, I was finishing the desserts and a little reminder occurred. I had had to grab extra plates earlier, so I had a few left, and I was down to filling in the last of the tray, and had part of a cake left. So, in the very last tray, the end of the plates, and the last cake, and you know what? It all lined up. There were enough plates to fill the tray, and enough pieces of cake to put on the plates and it was the very last tray in the dessert rack. It was a little thing, but it reminded me of God. If He takes care of the little things, like cake and birds, He will take care of me too. And you know what? We got done early, about 40 minutes early. And I got more time to study. He took care of me too. God is so good.

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