Saturday, December 4, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Week 10, Term 1, Year 1
1) Dead week kills. I had major projects Tueday through Friday this week. A Poli Sci paper, Accounting Ratio Project, 3PM paper, and my part of the final project for our CHIP.

2) Parts of me: Psalms 139:13- In doing my final project for my CHIP, I researched everyone's names. The version of mine I found online listed Aimee as "beloved friend" I've also seen it as "beloved" or "to love". This is perfect for me. Another little thing that is a perfect part of how God knit me together is my blood type. I am O-, the universal donor. Both of these are just little things that remind me that God knew all of me before I ever even knew myself.

3) Concert- Friday night I went to see the music department's choral concert. It was incredible. We have such talented students at the U of O. My favorite song was the first one, where the choral groups surrounded the audience, on the stage, and in the balcony and in aisles, singing in parts Gustav Holst's Christmas Day. I had heard my friend sining part of it earlier this week, but it was so incredible the way it was preformed.

4) Coincidence/Providence- Saturday night I went to Divisi and On the Rocks' annual holiday concert with some people from my hall. Interstingly enough, while going to talk to another friend, I ran into my friend Jazzi, from DDA. She lives in Bend, and I had not seen her in almost a year. It turns out her sister is in Divisi, so she came up with her family. Still, I never would have expected this, and could have easily missed her in all the people. It was so cool.

5) I LOVE MY DUCKS!!!- and they are going to the BCS championship!! What a great time to be a duckling.

6) Lector- Tomorrow, Sunday, I get to be an actual, official Lector at Mass for the first time. I am so excited, and also a little bit nervous. I have been waiting for this time to come for about four years now. God, please let them be Your words, the way You want people to hear it, not mine.

7) Friends- I continue to wrestle with one group of friends. I feel like I'm on the fringes, like I'm missing something and don't know what. It is incredibly frustrating, because it wasn't what I expected would happen and I don't know what to say or do. On the positive side, I am making friends in other areas. My good friend Maggie W. and I baked a cake and cookies, while watching a Muppet Christmas Carol and singing and dancing around her living room. I am learning and growing. I am also learning from my own experience, and realizing that if I turn to God for everything, He is *always* enough for me. Everything might not work out, but I will be ok, because I have Him.

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