Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes


1) I have survived my first term as a University student. I took academic 18 credits, as well as at least 20 credits in life. Classes this term included: How to Make New Friends 218, Introduction to LTD 100, Parking at U of O 450, What the Heck is a Roommate 180 and Growing Up and Becoming You 244.

2) Tuesday was the day of two finals. The one in the morning was Poli Sci, and it was ok. I had put a lot of time into studying, but, as it happens somtimes, what I knew the best was not on the test. Afterwards, we got our term papers back and I was dissapointed. All in all, I was bummed. I went out to Newman for lunch, and when I was leaving for my next final, it was pouring. At this point, I realized I had a choice. I could choose my mood and my day. I decided to redifine the problem. Instead of the issue being that it was raining, the issue was that I was wearing shoes. I arrived at McKenzie with muddy wet feet and a much better attitute, and then preceeded to dominate my 3PM final.

3) Can I just say, I go to the coolest school. Our mascot was in the top 4 in the country, our football team is going to the national championship with an undefeated season, and our acapella group is showing the world how a singing frat does Lady Gaga. The best part? I've seen all of this live. Puddles is a frequent atendee at all kinds of campus events, the Ducks are even better in person at Autzen, and OTR gives concerts every Friday where my friends and I sit right up front.

4) There's nooooooooo place like hOOOOOme for the hahlidays!!!

5) My friend Kaya is leaving for Spain next week. I am going to miss her a whole lot. She has brought so much sunshine into my life, and has made me feel at home, at the Honor's College and at the Newman Center. Kaya is like having a big sister, and I love her.

6) On the plane leaving Portland, I got to sit next to the Newberg FFA advisor, Mr. B. I realized, that like Mr. Linegar, who never lets us go anywhere without this object, as it must contain the very fiber that holds us together, he had a briefcase.
7) Cookie day was Saturday, and this year it was just me and Grammie. For some reason, it felt so fragile, just the two of us baking all those cookies. After the turmoil of the past two years, I was uniquely thankful to get to have this opportunity to be just the two of us, with a holiday tradtion that goes back as long as I remember.
P.S. Sorry this is late, I have been spoiled at school with wi-fi everywhere, and now I must go to the coffee shop to get it.

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