Sunday, January 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Year 1, Term 2, Weeks 2 & 3

To my small but loyal following: life has been crazy the past couple of weeks, therefore I did not actually get a post in last week, but, here it goes.

1) Friends
This has got to be the first thing, because it has been the biggest update of the past two weeks. Last weekend, Quintin decided on Saturday night at the last minute that he wanted to go see Red, and wanted to know if I wanted to go too. I did, and I invited Cameron, Heather and Maggie to join us. It was an incredibly sucess. We took the bus to Springfield, hung out in the mall, watched the movie, then took another bus back and hung out at Maggie's apartment playing cards until 2 in the morning. This week was a similar experience, except we watched Due Date, Shannon and Nills came too and we played cards in my dorm until 1. This group has become like my little family at UO, and it is amazing.

2) Music
Neil, one of the music directors at the Newman Center, taught me a new grip for the tambourine, which makes it a lot easier to play. It was LIFE-CHANGING!!!! Last Wednesday I played along with "Let the River Flow" and it was so cool!!!

3) Espana
I have the opportunity to go to Spain this summer for 2 weeks for World Youth Day (the largest international gathering of Catholic teens in the world). I really want to go, and the biggest challenge will be figuring out how to raise the money (roughly $3,000). But, it would mean that I would be in Europe, probably Spain for my 19th birthday, which would be amazing!!!!

4) Spanish
I am absolutely loving my Spanish class. I can see myself improving, and I'm having fun with it. Also, I'm going to a discussion group once or twice a week, and that is fun and informative and it broadens my vocabulary so much with words that I will actually use. It rocks.

5) Work
For the past week or two I have been working as a transcriber for a website, which is dull work, but I get to work on my own time and listen to my music or audiobooks, which makes it go by quickly. However, last week I had an interview at a frozen yogurt shop. I felt like it went well, and I will find out this week if I was right!! eee! It would be a great job, right off campus and a lot of fun, so we'll see!

6) Cat Person
My friend Kala is amazing. She is a grad student in my major, I met her at Newman, when I walked in the door for the Thanksgiving food drive and she asked me "You Wanna Be My Buddy?!?" I guess technically I met her before that, but that was when we started being friends. So, she has been amazing for feeding me, and helping me out when I was having an awful day. In the process, her cats have been converting me to a cat person, especially Coco. I can see myself falling for cats, but don't have the will to stop myself. Well, a person can be both a cat and a dog person, right?

7) look up
I saw a shooting star the other night. I love stars.

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