Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day

Meh. alsdkfj. In all fairness, it was a good day. However, it is 4:25 and I am ready for a nap. To be totally honest, there is a little bit of homesickness and unsureness setting in, which I should be surprised at. I know I'll be ok. It's just right now, I want to be someone special in the crowd, with everything around me feeling new again.
It doesn't help that today also brought book trouble. In an effort to spend the least on books, I ended up ordering several online, thankfully express shipping this time, and I do not currently have a Spanish book. That is, as I call it no bueno.
One other side note, I am absolutely getting out of my box this term. First off, Spanish still has me quite nervous, as it will be conducted almost entirely in Spanish. My last Spanish experience left me feeling incompetent and then I have been intimidated by the language as well as a bit lazy and not making myself speak the language. It should be a learning, growing experience. The other class that will put me outside of my comfort zone will be my Aerobic Funk dance class. I am completely out of shape, that is to say, my shape is round. I am nervous, but as is the case with my Spanish class, my Aerobic Funk teacher looks to be supportive and encouraging of all levels.
So, here it goes. Term 2, Day 1. It's over for tonight, and we'll see what tomorrow will bring.

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