Sunday, January 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Year 1, Term 2, End of Week 1
1) New, new, new
This was a week that brought a new beginning and many new experiences. I'm back at school, but I have new classes with new professors, a new start. At the same time, I also did some things I haven't done before, which I'll be talking about here.
2) Restaurant
I found my new favorite place to eat off campus. It's called Miso, and it is three blocks East of campus on 13th, right by the parking garage where I sometimes leave my car. It is a Japanese restaurant, and I me my friend Christina there for lunch earlier this week. It is phenomenal. I got a rice bowl with teriyaki chicken on top, and a huge bowl of edamame for under 6 and a half dollars.
3) Way to spend a Friday
This was an interesting Friday. I got up early (read 6 am) went to Mass at St. Mary's, bought a voodoo doughnut for breakfast, went to Newman for Rosary, had Spanish class, took a friend to lunch, baked cookies at the CHC, went to a radical art night, then went to a drag show at the LLC, and finally talked with a friend for several hours. Many new experiences in one day, some comfortable, some putting me way outside of my box.
4) Confidence
I am taking Spanish 111 this term, and in this class my instructor, Profesora Quarles, speaks almost all Spanish. Going into the class I was incredibly nervous, because my last experience with an all-Spanish class was a nightmare. However, I've been doing well in class, and when I went to a Spanish conversation club on Thursday, I was able to hold my own in conversations for an hour with only some breaks into English to explain things or words I didn't know. I find myself gaining confidence in my Spanish-speaking abilities, and even thinking in Spanish sometimes outside of class.
5) Muscles
Twice a week I have a class called Aerobic Funk. We work on choreographed pop-like dances to music. In doing this, I have discovered that I indeed do have abs, and leg and butt muscles-mainly because they all hurt. Ü Well, at least I know that by the end of the class I will be a better dancer, and a stronger, healthier human being.
6) Skype!
Yesterday, I got to Skype with my family for the first time. They finally got wifi, and my mom had brought home her laptop. So, as my little brother was moving into my room, I got to see and talk to the whole family, Mom, Dad, little brothers, the dog, and my brother's best friend who I just consider one of the family. It was great. I had been missing them. I got to see my Daddy, Victoria, brother Kieran and other dog right before I came back, but it had been about two weeks for my Ontario family, and I was homesick.
7) Road Trip Destination
My friend Heather and I have a phrase we call "getting off campus". When she is having a really bad day, we "go off campus". Last time, we went to Voodoo doughnuts at 11, then drove halfway to the beach, turned around because I was tired and the weather was bad, stopped at WalMart and the adoration chapel at St. Mary's. This week however, we made it all the way to the beach outside of Florence, watched the stars come out and got soaking wet, got some hot chocolate and had some locals recommend a fabulous restaurant where we split a pizza and played 10,000 before driving back. It was a great trip.

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