Saturday, November 6, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday 2

Year 1, Quarter 1, End of Week 6

1. A schedule of a different sort

You might notice that is not technically still Friday at this point. Well, college students run on a different schedule than most of the world, so this is still a totally typical hour to be awake, and, in my head, if I haven't slept yet than the day hasn't changed, so it is still friday. Ü

2. Community

This week I have realized (again) why God didn't make us solitary creatures, but rather gave us the gift of each other. For some reason, this week especially I have seen how we fit together, to encourage each other, and to be able to offer encouragement and love.

3. Family
Tonight I drove out to Albany for a family dinner. I got lost, and so arrived late, but it was so great to just be with everyone, to eat and talk, and just be. Little Kohlie made my night. She was walking by the counter and reached up above her head, and stuck her finger in the pumpkin pie to taste some. It was totally nonchelant, so our pumpkin pie had a finger-hole in it.
4. With Jesus
I want to take a moment, and honor the passing of Jeff Meyer. He was the brother/son of three of my friends. He was a fellow rosary-maker. He is now with Jesus. Still praying for him, and his family.
5. Being the Change
So, this Monday I got to help with Challenge Day at my old high school. It was interesting. Last year, I had been on the Core Team of student leaders, and this year I was an adult. There was definitely a difference, and perhaps most of it was in my head, but I didn't know as many people, and the day seemed to go by a lot faster. It went well though, and I was glad that I drove all the way back to be there. For my part, it got me thinking. How can I be the change I wish to see at U of O? What can I do when I'm so out of my environment? What kind of a difference can I make?
My answer was exactly that, to be the change. I've noticed that not a lot of hugs are given here, for one reason or another, mainly because you don't hug strangers. This has led to me becoming hug-deprived, with a serious shortage of my 12 a day. So, I've decided to intentionally give more hugs. To everyone. We all need them, and I have a sneaky suspision that the vast majority of us are not getting enough.
6. "It is in giving that we recieve"
One quick shout out to an act of change that happened because of this. Late on Tuesday night I was in the next building over studying, when I saw someone from one of my classes. She has a physical disability that is very noticable, in a limp and the way she talks. Something inside of me was telling me to reach out. I almost didn't listen, but I'm so glad I did. I think it was the first hug she'd had in a while, and it was so satifying to get to bring that kind of joy into someone elses life.
7. A Thursday to remember
This Thursday was intense. Let me give you the highlights of my day:
-midterm #1
-international skype with my college friends in Idaho and Dubai
-lit class where I was totally ill-prepared and thought about hell
-midterm #2
-discussion group
-go to see a play/try to get a football ticket
-think I actually do have a ticket, but shut my laptop because I'm still in the play and I'm annoying the guy next to me
-walk over to self-defense workshop
-realize that I didn't complete the checkout process, therefore I do not actually have a ticket
-realize I am in wrong room for self-defense class
-attend self-defense workshop where I get a self-esteem boost from yelling "NO!" as I kick a pad
-finish watching several more episodes of Glee
Yes, this is my life, or 7 brief glimpses into it. If you like this style of blogging, check out more at my inspiration: Conversion Diary

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